Freedom To Have All The Fun

Friday 7-4
1) Prep for L’s birthday was fun and silly. Trying to trick him into leaving the house so we could go decorate was difficult. Balloons and streamers. “You assholes” is first thing he said. Very cute family.

2) Beach for a bit, K was a mermaid coming outta the ocean. We walked down the beach and picked up shells and designed a kelp bathroom mat.

3) Lunch = all the pasta. K’s mom is a great cook and I had so much pasta it was kinda gross, but so delicious.

4) Nap time then Scrabble with her family. Checking the fence lol, they started teasing me which is a good sign?

5) Drove down to see the hurricane in Chattam, which is insane, but ended up being a lot of fun. Puddles and splashing, Jurassic Park and the Fox news van.

6) Home for some late night card games and bullshitting each other.

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