Partying Down With Nicest People Ever

Saturday 7-5 BL
1) Wake up call at 7:55 wtf?? Packed up and left by 8:30. Drove home just in time for a nap til 1. So lazy.

2) Portlandia and quinoa scramble take 2 = success!! Soooo yummys.

3) PK came over and met my cutie before she left to go do works. Played Bananagrams and MK came over before we took a walk about. Chatting about grad schools and meaningful hugs, and finally roller skating.

4) Dinner at Divas with PK which was pretty tasty and it was such a nice day sitting by the window.

5) B’s Murrica bday party with keg stands, gummy bear shots, most amazing guac and dancing. Peoples were pretty schwasty by the time we got there, but lots of pretty nice people and some of the gay boys I know. Good times!

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