Human Bug/Bird Hybrids

Sunday 7-6 BL
1) Overthinking things. Again. But thats ok because cutieface is amazingly patient with me and we talked it out in Powderhouse Park. Discussed all sorts of job possibilities for a short term summer. Doggie watching and laying about, goodtimes.

2) Early dinner at Chipoodle in Davis Square where we stared down creepers, listened to an unaffected but romantic live band, people watched, and talked about weird things. Mostly I brought up weird things. Birds, bugs, and fish – talking about hybrid humans and testing our love. Apparently I’m not as ok with loving a bug person or a bird person as K is :/

3) During our lively weird discussion I noticed a woman who had been chilling in the park across from us. She got up and started walking down the street but left her phone. So I grabbed it and ran after her to gave it back. I saved her day/life! Well, kinda. I felt awesome 🙂

4) Sexytimes at home which was good but we’re not so good at quickies and ended up frustrating her friends a bit.

5) Drove her home (and she’s gonna get to pay me back when she can and I won’t complain) and spent the evening chillin with the roomies, Page Master and hedgepig.

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