Because Feminism

Tuesday 7-8 BL

1) Work: website review, birthday party with ice cream cake and chuckles, and hiring new peoples soon.

2) #Supremerally in Government Center to protest the SCOTUS and celebrating feminism! with new and old friends. Lots of people came out to the protest, and lots of political representatives were part of the rally. Cheers and lots of signing papers everywhere. Familiar faces and the girlhood crew with K, most of them are her friends. It was a pretty cool event to go to and I learned a thing or two. Got pretty pumped up thinking about feminism and my ownership and relationship with my body. We got a selfie with a leading political representative after the rally, and we were already pretty excited about her part in the rally before we got the pic, and now she’s clearly our fav. She needs to run for Mayor of Boston already.

3) Chill time at Henessey’s which is an Irish tourist bar near Haymarket. The curry cheese fries were pretty tasty. We chatted about church while I watched the painful Brazil/Germany replay game on the TVs. K’s friend J was so funny on the train ride home. She started off with “I hate men” and transitioned into a big story about her dreams of KStew.

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