Becoming A Regular

Thursday 7-10 BL

1) Woke up hella early for a leadership presentation / graduation for one of my co-workers. It was interesting to hear about what they all got out of the program and I’m super proud of my Fellow KF! Thinking about leadership and our journey and development is always interesting. They asked us to think about our favorite leader of all time, and I brought up my youth worker in middle school/high school and how she impacted my current journey. I should really try to reach out to her to see how she’s doing.

2) Sushi dinner with cutie. I think we’re quickly becoming regulars, which is great and scary because we are pretty easy to recognize. As much as I try to fade into the background, I always get noticed or remembered. We watched some Venture Bros. with roomie NW – who is so interesting in a lot of ways. She goes from hardcore metalhead or goth girl, to 50s housewife complete with dress and roasting a chicken in the kitchen, to crafting the shit outta everything. I’m gonna miss her when she moves at the end of August.

3) A smidge of internet and cat videos, then K and I watched the Fifth Element and then Mean Girls til late. Both are two of my favorite movies ever, and I’m glad she enjoyed the Fifth Element. We had a very late night snack and we fell asleep talking about all the things – threesomes, lesbian and gay crews, work, and cruises.

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