Deep Discussions and Sexytimes

Friday 7-11 BL

1) Breakfast saag and rice with cutieface. More talking about work, religion, my parents, grad schools, life, and inequalities. Lots of pretty deep conversations lately! Instead of hours of sexytimes, we’re spending time talking, which is amazing. She’s the best and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

2) Shower sexytime and a quick afterparty upstairs 😀 K needs to stop challenging me on things that “can’t happen” cuz I usually prove her wrong.

3) Errands: we saw two women walking the cutest puppies, very adorable baby and owls, my uncanny ability to spot hedgehogs has developed over the years, very expensive oil change, to cutie Life Alive lunch, to the bank!

4) Hung out at her house for a little bit, to sell books and her couch on the internets. Her parents are acting “weird” but I just think they’re being nice. Asked K if she wanted Chinese foods, then later her dad brought it upstairs for us with silverware. It was super nice of them, and when we left, I made a joke about pig roasts that earned me a few more brownie points from her mom and an eye roll from cutie.

5) Applebees for our “social appointment” with LR and her secretary DB. Lols for that conversation. We got there for drinks and ate dinner #2, flatbread pizza and “Southwest” mac and cheese. DS showed up with another school friend and we had lots of fun talking about her life before heading towards gay HQ, aka LR’s house.

6) Chilling outside, musics and lemoncello shots with a large range of guests. Rap battles, animal pushups and Hungarian woman on the deck, which left me laughing so ridiculously hard my abs hurt afterwards. We transitioned to a few rounds of Never Have I Ever. It was fun, but got a little dark and very deep in the middle. Obvious flirting was happening for our friend LR and I thought I was bad, she was completely oblivious!

7) Back home very late, but it didn’t stop us from a very intense sexytime where cutieface got all the awards before we both passed out, satisfied and happy.

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