You’re Not Funny

Saturday 7-12

1) Woke up far too early to get down to Providence’s Roger Williams Zoo (with a 20 minute wait at the toll booths). The following is a sampling of our zoo adventure:

  • “You’re not funny” ‘cunty’ girl to her BF
  • “Stop!” and “Shut. Up.” from The Bachelorette
  • “Nothing will make me happy!” little crying girl on the bench
  • “I know it’s your nap time now, but can you shut your face?”
  • Nutsack vultures eating rats
  • The anteaters and red pandas were the cutest!
  • Bored seal chewing on a tube
  • Lots of teasing/shaming about my bug fears
  • Snack break while we talked about how much children suck and K guilted me into thinking about the irony of buying a burger at the zoo.
  • Kookaburra song

It was a load of fun walking around the zoo (I haven’t been to one up here) and it was a super fun time with my gay boy crew. People watching is a lot of fun, and people shaming is even more fun.

2) Dave and Busters in Providence Place! Tickets, Rock Band, stack up game, the Splat cover up game, Simpsons soccer, Pump Up DDR wannabe game, Doodle Jump and Temple Run, Monopoly. Connect Four and the shooting peoples game. We gave F our tickets and good thing because it’s a fucking 200 ticket price for a box of fucking Nerds. We were done playing and started tearing down the business plan of indoctrinating kids into addiction and gambling. Awesome. That being said, it was a lot of fun and I would totally go back sometime.

3) Drove back towards F’s house and got lots of barbeque foods and K got some veggie food. We played a lot of Dance Central most of the night. I did Under the Sea on Just Dance, totally gonna rock it whenever I want to now. It was fun! K didn’t wanna participate, but I think we’ll peer pressure her into it next time “we won’t pressure you into drinking, but you gotta dance!”

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