Hot, Humid, and Humiliating

Monday 7-14

1) Rocked my to-do list at work! Even after a traumatic bug infested-morning (yick fattie cockroach and bitty house centipede), I managed to get a whole lot of things done including status check emails, set up my calendar for the next few weeks, and getting info releases to help my evaluation project along. As long as we can get some results, this is the most cooperative and collaborative effort I’ve had yet around my data analysis of our programs and students. Yay!

2) Emotional breakdown bit during the middle of the day was interesting, but it helped me think about a few things. I’m learning more and more about myself in this relationship and I hope that cutieface and I can talk through some things later. I’m gonna try to write another piece after this blog post if I have some time. As much as I enjoy crying out in public, it helps me grow in a weird way.

3) Groceries was necessary and quick. Raining pretty heavy when I got outside, but I’m glad I got foods.

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