Pahk Yah Cah In Hahvad Yahd – Or Don’t

Sunday 7-13

1) Lunch at Ottos in Harvard Sq was a lot of yums. Cheap, tasty pizza and a day that’s not too hot for sitting outside and people watching. It was interesting to note that everyone else who was sitting on the Otto’s patio was extremely anti-litter, as in they all tried to pick up any litter in the area. It made me happy to see a handful of people who kinda still care about the environment. I’ll include our Ben and Jerry’s trip here because I really dislike sitting around in hate Harvard Square and avoid it at all costs because of the traffic, lack of parking, and the types of people who think Harvard Square is a great weekend destination, read: snotty white people types and tourists. I just dislike crowds. But like I said, Ben and Jerry’s was a lot of fun with cutie, and she treated me to mango mango sorbet = yumms.

2) Co-working with cutie at her school’s library. She’s such a powerhouse that she managed to get all of her work done while I put together a list of students and read some articles about feminism. She puts me to shame all the time, but that’s what I find so sexy about her, incredible work ethic, so motivated, future oriented, and she’s got a game plan for life. Like I told my bestie FS, “this girl knows what she wants and will do everything she needs to get it.” She’s the work and I’m the play and we balance each other out 🙂 Wanted to sneak off for some library making out time, but I didn’t feel ok with making out in the theology section. While looking for the feminism section, this nasty unhappy lady gave us the most rude stare and for absolutely no reason. Poor nasty sad lady…

Not the actual lady, but close to it -via DeviantArt,

3) Came back home and did some stuff around the house, cleaned my room, updated the blog through Saturday, cleaned up Peachie’s stuff. Got ready to cut my hair and had a mini break for hugs and comfort for cutieface. A haircut, writing/creeping session, and seriously fun shower later we settled down for dinner.

4) Watched Totoro with cutie and it was great. One of my favorite movies of all time, but I have to watch it in Japanese or else the English voice actors make me angry.  Plus you can’t call them “soot gremlins,” they are clearly “makurokurosuke”s. It was nice to watch in Japanese also because I can understand the younger children’s language and it’s nice to think that somewhere I still know a little bit of Japanese…


5) And some more sexytime, because we can. I sure do write about how much sex I’m having on this blog. Sorry I’m not sorry!

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