Raining Cats and Dogs

Wednesday 7-16 BL
1) Woke up pretty early for a supervisor training in the rain. Hella cold in the room and lots of redundant information but I got to see some old friends and I mean friends I met years ago when I first got out to Boston. We had a networking lunch and new supervisors were asking me and my friends what our favorite supervisors did and why. It’s so weird to now be in the supervisor seat and to have some experience on both sides of the conversation. Lunch was El pelon, which was also a throwback and it’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Boston, backed up as a semifinalist on 538’s best ranked national burrito competition. So yums

2) Just got off the T and the sky opened up, my shoes were still damp the day after, my bag back of my shirt and half of my pants were wet and it flash flooded so hard my umbrella couldn’t even keep all the water out. FB/semi work time with K for a bit.

GPOY from that day

3) Dinner was a mix up and Drunk History with the roomies. It’s such a good show and we watched almost all of it in one sitting. Haven’t had a good roomie night in a while and everyone was there! Drunk History drinking game can kill a person.

It’s so good

4) Sexytimes 3 and 5. We also took a chatbreak where I told her about my handedness. I was born left handed, but was raised a right hander. We talked about its fucked-upedness and my personal redemption/rejection. “Born this way.” Needless to say, I also slept very well that night.

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