Buffy Themed Adventure

Saturday 7-19 BL
1) Bb made muffins and rice and broccoli this morning then we watched Louie. Her bro got a new moped and was so excited to show us. It kinda makes me wanna get one too for the price and gas mileage.

Just like this one!

2) “Don’t be the anxious puppy forever, be the happy go lucky pup forever.” Party down with the R family after a pitstop at GHQ. We went over to C and J’s apt in Danvers. Met their lovely pup Willow who loves me already, and I had to herd J’s fluffy cats back into their space. Miami shooting game was entertaining to watch for a bit too.

3) Went over to Salem for an adventure! I’ve never been before, but we went to a comic book store and did some Life Alive stalking. We finally ended up at Howling Wolf Mexican place, and food was so bomb! I’m almost tempted to say it was better than El Pelon…

4) Back to GHQ for a mini session before I got weird and we headed home.

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