Every Date Gets Better

Thursday 7-17 BL
1) Concord meeting with old ED of my org. Car chairs in the reception area and a fantastic meeting to talk about bigger picture ideas and also some specifics. She’s so funny, “got a good spot by the MIT museum,” etc. talking abt the summer and her interns. It was a great meeting and nice to get out of the city for a bit.

2) Grand Tampon Excursion of Concord MA 2014. Ridiculous feminist parade around historic Concord main square because it’s surprisingly hard to find feminine products and accompanying bathrooms. We hiked down a ways where we finally found a CVS and met a feminist who agreed that we enjoy the glitter and glitz to sell our feminine products lols. Rage against the manchine.

3) I accidentally tricked K and bought her lunch, and we ate by the monument and talked a lot about mushrooms and how much I hate them.

4) Walden pond walkabout! It is such a nice pond, I might even get in someday, notreally. There’s a trail around and felt so lucky to be with cutieface. Chatting about lots of things: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s cabin, cuddling at nice sights, ESL field trip, etc.

5) Dinner with V and K = BK and Wendy’s trip. Planning out life in Cali, talking boys and sex, babies and life. Super good time and chill!

6) Sassy sleepy baby. “It must be hard going through life being so weird” and “Sleepy seeds. Yeah, you save them for later, put em in your pocket” She’s the cutest when she’s sleepy! Out of control!

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