K’s Homecourt Advantage

Friday 7-18 BL
1) Laundry and procrastinate time at K’s parents’ for a while. FB, raviolis and getting ready for this ‘themed black and white’ party and of course, no one is in B&W but us. Whatever!

2) Getting ready time with LR at Gay HQ, pep talk and getting her to see from my perspective and experience about self confidence, overthinking things, and envisioning positivity. Shaving the one leg lol. “You can’t overthink things and you have to think you’re gonna succeed to actually succeed.”

3) Grilled all the foods with C and J’s help. Beer pong with LR’s friend. K’s other gay boys. J and C got a bond over comics, which was cool. D told me and updated on part of his life story which was nice because it seems like he trusts me and he also asked if I would be around more when we were leaving. Yay bonding and acceptance from K’s friends!

4) Came home late and definitely had sexytimes til late late.

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