Reinforcing Stereotypes

Tuesday 7-15 BL
1) Couldn’t sleep through the night and that was scary but I managed to write down all of my thoughts for a while before getting in another nap. Unfortunately, I was thinking about it the whole time I was driving to my boss’ house for an off site so K was a little worried.

2) Off site planning meeting went well and we got to talk about all of the things that went well this past year and what we wanna keep for next year in terms of program quality. Also got the calendar all figured out which is good but totally overwhelmed us both. We had a nice break session with veggie food and listening to E read stuff off of Urban Dictionary to help come up with an idea for our math program name. Mofo math lolls

Like explaining sex terms to your motha’

3) Came home with so much on my mind but we got a hash out session #2 to talk about my writing and all the feels. This felt much more productive and we talked about some more issues. We’re so ridiculous even our tough conversations are good in a weird way.

All of them. Seriously. All of them.

4) Watched the rest of Portlandia and also If These Walls Could Talk 2 on Youtubes with an unidentified language on subtitles. It’s interesting how annoying I find Ellen now, she’s just the epitome of homonormativity and the problem with White Lesbians and being a breeder in her section of the movie. Plus her sex scene was just almost unwatchable and awkward, we both agreed.

5) Sexytime with bb and I’m so very sure my roomies are thoroughly over us at this point, it’s always so good! I slept like a baby.

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