Maintaining Self

Monday 7-21

1) Smelling K this morning has gotten me through parts of today. She’s got the best smell ^^

2) Productive time today included sweeping the house, cleaning Peachie’s stuff, and finally eating that mango before I sat down to do work. Did quite a bit until 7:30 or so with lots of FB/Tumblr breaks.

3) Had a super great conversation with my sis for over an hour where we bullshit and talked about our relationships/or lack therof. Her cleanse, “teeny weeny,” our siblings and how it’s funny we’re the only ones who can talk about relationship stuff, and her mantras she makes me practice.

4) Started Sherlock with the roomies and got to see a homemade drunk kitchen. Kinda wish she’d continue that project, just for the luls.

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