Big Picture Planning

Thursday 7-24 BL
1) Woke up hella early to get in a few last hours to prep my project. Pretty impressed with myself and it was a productive meeting with my boss to talk abt our org’s future. I really enjoy our discussions with her because it’s time for me to do higher level thinking, big picture type envisioning of our programs and my role in making things happen. It’s a big ol’ boost of confidence for sure!

2) Lunch at Life Alive with K was sweet. Back for a Dunkin favor, went home early, and gave the girls a ride to the library before stalking K/picking her up after her meeting at school.

Just kidding, stalking is not ok, we joke about it often, but I realize it’s not a joke for some people and I would not actually intentionally make someone feel uncomfortable by following them around and such. It happened to my sister and I know my limits when it comes to personal safety and security.

3) Home for a yummy bath and Spirited Away with a dinner #1 break, a sexytime break and quinoa/dinner #2 break.

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