Debriefing, Always A Good Idea

Tuesday 7-22 BL
1) Work was chill, working on my project and taking my time with it. (This turned out to not be great for future planning, but I’ll just ignore all that hindsight)

2) Chill time with S, V and B. We watched lots of Adventure Time, which I love. Gf grillin’ (my hot college girlfrand) and OitNB recap/debrief. Like how certain character arcs went, what we liked about certain characters and what we didn’t. Also talked about some characters who we haven’t gotten to see the whole backstory yet. Speaking of debrief, V is auto debrief the second she gets home lols. Some things never change…

3) Txt time with K. She had a tough day and I did too but we were both too stubborn and yet respectful to reach out for help, which is funny in a way. She was struggling and wanted someone to talk to, but didn’t want to bother me, and I wanted someone to txt all day, but didn’t wanna push or be clingy. We talked a lot of things out and hopefully we’ll be ok.

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