Delayed Productivity

Monday 7-28

1) Took my time coming into the office and took a very nice shower. Unfortunately, one of my kids commented on my poofy hair, which happens when I shower in the morning. My second day hairgame is on point though!

What my hair looks like on day 2

2) Afterwork book buying for co-workers was fun. I like trolling and being a sasspants sometimes, and I worry about offending or really ostracizing K, but I enjoy being snarky sometimes all the time, so I’m glad she puts up with it.

3) Sushi dinner date with K was great! Veggie tempura sushi is the best and we’ve really gotten it down to an art. This dinner date was not awkward! Hooray for non awkwardness, finally!

So yummy

4) Blog update time was good even though I had to do it and K kept saying “you got this” when really all I wanted to do was cuddle and smooch her.

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