She’s The Man

Saturday 7-26 BL

1) Took the T in to Boston again for a vegan Thai lunch where we met a mutual friend, steamed about immigration and creepers, but thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. It was sooo tasty and we talked about awkward dates and figured it out why we are so awkward. It wasn’t an awkward date so that was nice πŸ™‚

2) Shakespeare in the Common with M&S and also B&C. Lots of green snacks by the tree and under the shade. The show was quite good and I indoctrinated some of my friends to yeasty popcorns. Twelfth night is interesting and we talked about gender and sexuality in Shakespeare’s work. The production was super good though and I really enjoy it every year, even if I don’t quite understand Shakespeare all the time.

Suck it Shakespeare!

3) 313 adventure with a stop at GHQ. Weird tension in the air since our latest discussions, but the drag show at the club was fun. The commentary is interesting and problematic but the actual performances were great. Stripped the poor kid, K and I both got groped. But I got groped by the queen that’s going to RPDR in a few weeks!! Asian queen was amazing and so was Candy Couture. Dancing afterwards was fun with K but I get skeeved out by the straight men who come to watch queer ladies dancing. Ugh *eye roll*. It didn’t matter, cuz I super-grinded on K anyway and we went home and had a good private time session πŸ˜‰

GPOY me before we started dating

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