Two And A Half Sexytimes

Sunday 7-27
1) Lazy Sunday and so rainy outside! We got up all lazy after some tech time for lunch.

2) K took a nap and I creeped on her, which was great!! Also got a little more tech time before she got up and we got a little frisky.

3) Dinner with S and B for “family” dinner. Discussions included: American Ninja Warrior, legalization, “guess who’s gay now,” and updates on life. The poor waitress who got so awkward about our friend group, she ran off. We’ll surprise her next time with even more multiculturalism in our family.

4) Got home and decided on Froyo treat as a break. We had to set a timer šŸ˜‰ Froyo was sooo good and we came back home for the first half of DEBS and then K said she was ‘sleepy’ and we ended up everywhere instead. I pet a sleepy baby to sleep and passed out happy and satisfied.

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