Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

Wednesday 7-30

1) Birthday sex! Always a great thing 🙂

2) Work was very crazy hectic, with a twist! But K and I went for L’s end of the service year celebration and came back to the office for a cake beard and KPop dance videos.

3) Birthday dinner date in Allston with hot pot and then froyo – my ultimate (but not very original idea) date. We walked around her soon-to-be neighborhood for a quick break and we cuddled a little bit too. She was a smartypants with her teasing, but it’s a good thing she’s sexy and cute.

4) So much birthday love on FB and I also restarted my Instagram. Gonna try to do a photo a day, like my buddies have been doing. It’s a great way to get out there and taking pics again.

5) Roomie N made me a strawberry lemonade cake and it was so delish! She wasn’t very sneaky about it, but that was great. Got to bond with the roomies for a bit and that was nice. Giving D more of a chance, she’s nice, I just don’t know what to talk about with her. We have mostly stuck to food and yesterday we talked about Boehner suing Obama, and then the Ebola outbreak, so….

6) Family phone call was fun. They asked about my birthday and just general checking in. Mom always asks me about school, dad always about work and my aunt. He asked about dating/settling down and even asked if I had a gf!! Huge steps for him and I’m glad that he’s expanding his worldview. Kinda has to.

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