Wrapping Things Up

Tuesday 7-29 BL

1) Work off-site meeting was so relaxing and a nice time enjoying our current staff one last time at E’s house. Good food, good company, our coworkers seemed excited about the books we selected as going away presents. We talked about Mofo Math again, things we learned this past year and what we’re looking forward to the next year. I ate all the food and everyone was very proud that I ate all the things.

2) Took our coworker K home and then cutieface and I laid around in the main square for a bit. It was relaxing but very exposed, high school students and cameras in trees made it weird. It was nice to cuddle and be cutesy with babycakes outside on such a nice day though.

3) Much needed F time! K and I went over to see him and got a little pet therapy time too. We watched American Ninja Warrior and they are blackmailing me into doing Halloween stuff this year. F got me a buncha mealworms for my bday though, what a weird and awesome friendship we have…

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