Playing House Can Be Fun

Sunday 8-3 BL
1) Got some work done while K made me breakfast ❤ and we watched more It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which K really enjoys and I don’t understand why. They are such terrible people and she enjoys it. I fucking love the show, but didn’t think she’d be into it as much as she is.

2) Whole Foods shopping adventure and we got lots of food for the week. We planned out a week’s menu and gonna try and do it this week instead of eating out so much. We’ll see how we do, cuz we bought food there instead of making stuff for lunch.

3) Came home and ate foods and took a glorious nap! Pretty lazy Sunday, but it was nice to just take it a little easy. K feels antsy when she isn’t ridiculously busy, but I like taking my time on the weekend.

4) Hair dye adventure. Helped K dye her hairs and it was fun, she likes the dark look and it looks great on her. Sexy lady!

Looks so crazy nasty while you’re doing it O_O

5) Back home for Chipoodle, shower and some more sexytime 🙂

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