Saturday 8-2 BL
1) Woke up hella late! We didn’t get in til after 3 and so we didn’t get up til closer to 1. Lazy wake up and breakfast.

2) Sexytime for two hours! Yumm I took a naked power snooze that I shouldn’t have, cuz I woke up grouchy and K just laughed at me being grouchy. Which I hate, but it works and makes me a little more grouchy and simultaneously makes me feel better.

3) Target for a card and an air mattress and fruit snacks before we headed over to N’s bday party where we planned on telling her about us. Didn’t quite happen that way, her friends maybe told her, or so we’re hoping. Her family was so nice and very friendly! We left awkwardly before anyone else had even shown up, grabbing some hot dogs as we left because her mom made us.

4) Sharknado at GHQ! Makeup session with J and L, hilarious. Started Sharknado and everyone was so incredulous it was great. L had epic rants and stormed off before the Sharknados even appeared in the movie. K and J seemed to enjoy it though so that was a big win.

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