Ironic Dinner

Tuesday 8-5 BL
1) Productive time at work!! Set up interviews, talked to our custodian and chat him up about his fam, freaked out a little bit because a meeting got moved up two weeks to tomorrow afternoon and I gotta pull together an entire presentation and lots of data analysis. K calmed me down and I got a hug and a bit of a vent time.

2) Gayboy K hangout time wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Walkabouts to sushi, home for Princess Jellyfish and Peachie time while I had a…

What jellyfish sushi looks like…

3) Potential roomie interview and then yummy shower time with K teasing me because I wanted to cool things down a bit so we can be more meaningful with our sexytimes instead of having sex just because we see each other every day. She is sexy every day but that doesn’t mean we need to have sex every day to prove that we love each other. edit note: lol hindsight lol

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