Wednesday 8-6 BL

1) Stats all day!! Pulled together a fairly great presentation for my meeting at 3, which means I worked for 5 hours straight on just stats and then jumped right into the meeting. Didn’t actually eat “lunch” til after 5, but it was so worth it and I had a lot of fun doing the work and putting together the presentation. The meeting went well also and it’s so nice to hear that what I’m doing is good and on track.

2) I delegated! Well sort of. Because I was so focused on the stats, my coworkers pitched in and really helped me out. Not to mention, they excelled at the projects instead of me being mediocre at them if I had tackled them myself, so I felt like wins all around.

3) Lots of needed internet time while K was out with her straight friends.  Ramen dinner and Sunny with cutie before I almost fainted from not eating for 17 hours. We cuddled and went to sleep. No sexytimes.

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