It’s My Lucky Day

Thursday 8-7 BL

1) Work wasn’t as intense, but coworker K and I hashed out finding a new fellow and what we were looking for. I also dabbled and edited my presentation a little more before K came in and finished up her project, which was a huge, huge help for me. I’m so lucky.

2) K made me dinner! Then she cleaned up after for both of us! Wtf how did I get so damn lucky? She’s the best and I love her so much it’s outta control.

3) Met up with V and B for Queeraoke. Haven’t been in a few months and it was a pretty good time. Lots of queer drama (when is there not queer drama really?) but dance break was fun.

Some great dance songs!

4) Mini after parties: after we decided to leave, V’s friend came by to chat with us and he was great to talk to! Hope to see him again sometime. Took V home and hung out with roomie B and chatted about her life a bit. Trying to help, but she’s down and out and I’ve never had experience with what she’s going through.

5) Best after party was K teasing me beyond belief before we agreed to end our sex ban. Best sex! We passed out very happy and sated. That also means we only held out for about two nights on my requested sexban 😛

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