Just Like An Episode, But Wayy Better

Monday 8-11 BL
1) Dropped K off early and went into prep before D came in for training week! She’s very nice and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it could’ve been. Walking tour of the neighborhood and she ran into people she knew from church! My boss E def said some things that were out there, but other than that it went pretty well.

2) I even came out to her at lunch at the Middle East, which was so yummy, with cutie next to me and she didn’t seem fazed (to our faces) about it and asked us some questions too. Lots of talking at her but it was ok and I think she’s gonna be a good fit for us.

3) Went home and had leftover dinner with roomie B and her friend L. We watched some of The L Word while I complained about how horrible the show is.

Sure they’re attractive, but some of them can’t even act

4) So we snuck off and took a yummy shower before an epic sexytime. Babycakes wanted a piece of me and she definitely got what she wanted 😮

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