Peeking Back And Forth In Time

Tuesday 8-12 BL
1) Training day two, calendar walkthrough and nerd sidebar with fashion, hedgehogs, nerdiness, and pants. Walking tour of the schools with more discussions about police brutality, religion and lots of other things!

2) Lunch at Bon Me, my fav, saw Mr Chan before a Patriots training camp. It was nice to see him again. D and I also talked about sports and life again.

3) Back to the office for talking about roles and responsibilities. Lots of new things to add to my plate, it’s what I get for opening my mouth. Haha, more like, I do so much that I forget how much I’m actually doing. Lots of coverage for our roles and responsibilities and we definitely do a lot of stuff!!

4) Drinks with coworkers at the Phoenix Landing! (Saw Ms. N too! what a crazy coincidence to see two people from my past volunteering in one day!) Fun and talked about social medias, Peace Corps, books, and whipped cream.

5) Chill time with my old coworker K at his house. He made some clam sauce and offered fresh clams for me to try. We bro out and it’s great. Fire near his house, his ridiculous landlord, coworkers, he asked about cutieface, his new work, Robin Williams passing, etc. My K came over for a bit and when we left she commented on how awkward he is. I don’t notice it and/or I feel so comfortable around him that it’s a non issue for me. We hung out for two years, figuring out life together, kind of and it’s cool to have a very great straightdude friend who I like and trust a lot.

6) Sushi dinner in bed in our underwear. We’ve reached that point in our relationship. It’s fantastic. Gonna miss babycakes the next few nights when she’s at her mother’s but it’s necessary training for the fall schedule we’ve got coming in a few weeks.

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