Koala Date To A Comedy Show

Friday 8-15 BL
1) Slept in hardcore. So bad when I have a day off, but at least I got some good sleep and lots of Tiny Death Star time.

2) El Pelon lunch date with cutie was fun. She’s the cutest, had on a cute navy brown outfit and we flaunted how cutie we were in the heart of straighstville BC. Creeps and breeders abound. El Pelon is so yummy!

3) Babycakes took me to the Funny or Die comedy show with headliner Louis CK at the Xfinity Center. Lots of grumbling from me about all the breeders and creeps before the show. Pedo guy from workaholics and his entire sexist rape culture bit. Hannibal Buress “Rap rap rap rap rappin’.” Sarah Silverman and feminism, talkin’ about vaginas. Amy Shumer and her deprecating body shaming boo fest. Louis CK, the cricket, being a dad, he was the best! Worst traffic and crying on the way home ruined things for me a bit.

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