I like talking about gay things. I like watching gay things. I do lots of gay things. So Imma blog about gay things. Shit.

My name Little Puppy Boi comes from an old Animaniacs short where Yakko, Wakko, and Dot meet a clown who calls to one of them “oh, little puppy boy!” A link to the transcript of that episode, I can’t find a clip :<

And since I feel pretty boi-ish I just adapted it a little bit 🙂 Lots of this stuff is personal, but stuff I want to share with other people. Some of it hilarious, some of it mysterious. Some of it twisted, some shocking, and probably some of it is really dumb.

This clip inspired my tagline “Don’t lose your dinosaur” and I feel it explains why I keep coming back to blogs. Stepbrothers was a silly ridiculous movie, but I seems to have really stuck with me.

Also relevant, and so random. Found it on Tumblr:

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