Link Dump: All The Things. Always.

Nature at its best:

Comics because they’re the best:

Cute animals:

Useful life advice and articles:




  • Sometimes banks are not always terrible, go TD Bank!
  • Anna Kendrick is one of the most creative actors out there right now, mostly because she’s authentic, real and unapologetic
  • Monty Python’s last good bye
  • Hilary Duff’s latest, complete with bloopers (which are better than the actual music video, but oh well), and Rock from But I’m A Cheerleader – who after internet research is a pretty famous actor Eddie Cibrian, married to LeAnn Rimes. Totally my type of guy – pretty boy, muscular, dark and scruffyish, and very gayish, even in Hilary’s music video

Will never not be gay in my mind!!

Ok that’s enough right? Til next time!

Link Dump

I’m so behind and have all the feels for these articles, videos and links! Let’s get em outta my way so I can clear up all the clutter.

Beyonce megamix video is amazing! Dare I say better than Bey herself?

Tibetan girls’ soccer and Brazilian girls’ soccer future?

Kathryn DiMaria is an auto engineer at 14!

Dogs annoying cats with their friendship

Amazing approach to community engagement research

Awesome cookbook for financially struggling peoples (aka most everyone)

And a video for cutieface / these girls are amazing

“Stop apologizing” I keep telling her

Mindceptions a la Buzzfeed. I totally loved #9 and tried #11 to no avail

Learn all about dog breeding genetics, very interesting / amazingly cute

Loved this Bollywood coming out music video

Not quite accurate for the hedgie diagram, but that’s ok they other ones are pretty funny

Charlie Day is awesome

And sexy couples dancing/choreography

And an article on dating masculine women with some links out I wanted to read

One Step at a Time

Tuesday 4-22

1) Walk about in the Arnold Arboretum. Saw my Bonsai friends and sat and wrote for a while. It was so nice to be out among the nature but I have to find a spot without traffic sounds. I even found a cool semi-hidden foot path I haven’t seen before.

2) Ula Cafe for a solo sit, probably one of the first times I’ve gone out and been alone, it was cool and ok. I typed up my piece I wrote and elaborated a little bit too. Sat near an older couple who seemed to be on a first date, it was hella awkward. The other couple was quizzing each other on geographic trivia. How bizzare dates look and feel like…

3) After lots of flip flopping about to go or not to go, I finally bit the bullet and went down to see a college friend on a CD release tour play at a bar. Bar was a little too rowdy/ignorant to appreciate the music. I didn’t get too long to talk to him, but it was nice to see him. His music is great!

Teenage Post: Full of Angsty Gratitude

Saturday 4-5

1) I went to the mall to look for some pants and just to get out. Nice drive and a mostly pleasant if quiet experience. It was weird doing something by myself, but I had a pretty decent time and found some gray jeans and a light sweater on sale. H&M is awesome!

2) I’ve spent most of this weekend by myself, hermited in my room. While it’s not the greatest for my emotional well-being, on top of my suspect-hormones, I’ve been keeping busy and enjoying my time with myself.

3) Because I had a solo dance party in my room. I even thought about how I could make it a more regular thing where I invite my friends over just to dance. And we get to control how awesome the music is, which isn’t hard because we know how to pick music that people actually dance to and not just white girl music. How can I make this work?

Let It Go – 3 Things

Wednesday 3-26

1) I just appreciated myself today for all the hard work I’ve been doing at work and trying my best to be thoughtful and shit. It’s paid off in how well tonight’s program went. My college students are running on auto, or I ask them to do anything and they do it. They are leading the program and I am merely assisting. It’s an interesting and weird feeling to not be the one solely in charge, it’s a little hard for me to let loose of control. But what I’m learning is that I can and nothing will go wrong. Everything I’ve done to prepare for this moment has been done and things couldn’t have gone more smoothly than tonight. I had time to clean up our supplies (even if I was panicking and trying to find other certain things), organize papers, panic some more because I thought we were out of a form we use, take pictures of some matches, check in with a whole lot more, practice some math and left-handed writing, and talk to a bunch of students about their work. It was AWESOME!

2) I bought my coworker some soup because she’s been sick. It was the least I could do and I hope she feels better soon. I like making sure people have food to eat and I think it’s been an issue at work that has helped me think more about food justice and the little things I can do to be more aware of my own food practices.

3) Oh! This morning I took some time to sleep in and I didn’t particularly feel bad about it. As the years have gone on, I realize that taking care of myself will help me be at my best for work. I sometimes worry that it will permanently affect my work ethic (in terms of if and when I have to leave my current job) or that it will affect the people I currently and previously worked with. Sometimes I still worry about what people think of me, but then I realize that what I do to be at my best (as long as I’m not hurting or interfering with anyone else’s right to do the same) is what I need to do. You do you (a la Autostraddle) has been my mantra for the last few weeks and its working much better for me lately.

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Sequence Performed by…:

Music Monday: Kimbra – Settle Down

So Glee’s Dianna Agron (aka the biggest bitch/stupid character on TV, but in real life, she’s super nice, artistic, and a generally very decent person) posted this late Sunday night and I’ve listened to the song no less than 25 times since. Seriously? That’s quite a few times for less than 24 hours.

The video is pretty fun too. Kimbra is semi awkward, got good rhythm, and can jam out by herself. Secretly, I think she dances like how I dance, which is probably why I like her. She has two younger girls acting as middle aged women in domestic situations. It’s interesting.

The only thing that’s weird are the dolls in the background. Then they’re on fire. Which doesn’t make them any less creepy. In fact, it makes them way scarier.

The music’s catchy and I seem to really dig it.