Link Dump: 3 weeks late edition

Continuing my tradition of doing a big link dump instead of updating my blog here goes. I may make the 8th my Link Dump deadline…


For Cutieface:






That’s me to a T!



  • How to be polite – Really enjoyed this article! I often think I’m a polite person in general, but recent car trips with my girlfriend have proven otherwise… This is inspiration to practice more patience and politeness, especially in the car and surrounded by idiots
  • Being more considerate – I think I’m a pretty considerate person too. This article also resonated with me 🙂
  • Putting things into incredible perspective. How do I continue life with this in mind?
  • “But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business…because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy.”





Link Dump: All The Things. Always.

Nature at its best:

Comics because they’re the best:

Cute animals:

Useful life advice and articles:




  • Sometimes banks are not always terrible, go TD Bank!
  • Anna Kendrick is one of the most creative actors out there right now, mostly because she’s authentic, real and unapologetic
  • Monty Python’s last good bye
  • Hilary Duff’s latest, complete with bloopers (which are better than the actual music video, but oh well), and Rock from But I’m A Cheerleader – who after internet research is a pretty famous actor Eddie Cibrian, married to LeAnn Rimes. Totally my type of guy – pretty boy, muscular, dark and scruffyish, and very gayish, even in Hilary’s music video

Will never not be gay in my mind!!

Ok that’s enough right? Til next time!

She’s The Man

Saturday 7-26 BL

1) Took the T in to Boston again for a vegan Thai lunch where we met a mutual friend, steamed about immigration and creepers, but thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. It was sooo tasty and we talked about awkward dates and figured it out why we are so awkward. It wasn’t an awkward date so that was nice 🙂

2) Shakespeare in the Common with M&S and also B&C. Lots of green snacks by the tree and under the shade. The show was quite good and I indoctrinated some of my friends to yeasty popcorns. Twelfth night is interesting and we talked about gender and sexuality in Shakespeare’s work. The production was super good though and I really enjoy it every year, even if I don’t quite understand Shakespeare all the time.

Suck it Shakespeare!

3) 313 adventure with a stop at GHQ. Weird tension in the air since our latest discussions, but the drag show at the club was fun. The commentary is interesting and problematic but the actual performances were great. Stripped the poor kid, K and I both got groped. But I got groped by the queen that’s going to RPDR in a few weeks!! Asian queen was amazing and so was Candy Couture. Dancing afterwards was fun with K but I get skeeved out by the straight men who come to watch queer ladies dancing. Ugh *eye roll*. It didn’t matter, cuz I super-grinded on K anyway and we went home and had a good private time session 😉

GPOY me before we started dating

My Sanity Restored

Sunday 7-20
1) I have the best, most patient, forgiving, and understanding girlfriend ever because a good portion of my day was spent inside my head, thinking and reflecting on my reactions, emotions and thoughts, and trying to put together an action plan to help my self destructive cycle. Lots of creys and we went on the most unpleasant walk with thirsty bugs, uncomfortable silence, upset and unsaid feelings, some very sweet smooches, and nasty bug infested standing water smell. She stuck through it all and let me wallow all day…

2) Until I asked for some paper to write down all the shit in my head. Started with the nasty stuff that was plaguing my mind and heart but halfway through I switched to self affirmations and finding my personal strength again. After 20 mins or so of writing, I felt better, stronger, more of myself and the person she fell in love with and less of the pitiful, pathetic, shell of a person K put up with all day. I keep forgetting how cathartic and therapeutic writing is for me! It was almost instant how much better I felt.

3) So I laid down and watched K working through her work piles and fell asleep from the emotional exhaustion. K creeped on my drooling self and read some of it (shame on me for leaving my personal writings about in clear sight. again.) which may have had an influence on her weird behavior after my nap. Cutieface curled up on me and wouldn’t tell me what was up. She doesn’t normally let me cuddle-top her and certainly not as often, insistently, and adorably as she did. After lots of pulling she finally “asked” me to stay one more night and I couldn’t say no to the big baby I was holding. She gave me a good dose of my own medicine because she says I’m 10x worse, which only adds to her sexiness points. How’d I get so lucky?

Big baby like this one

4) She made us pancakes and sleepy tea and we got in bed for a documentary called Vegucated. It was eye opening, logical, emotional, sick, scary, and makes me really think about my food choices now. With more evidence, I only need to find my right balance for my diet. We ended up making out a bit, transitioning into a satisfying sexytimes before we passed out after a long emotional day.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Wednesday 7-16 BL
1) Woke up pretty early for a supervisor training in the rain. Hella cold in the room and lots of redundant information but I got to see some old friends and I mean friends I met years ago when I first got out to Boston. We had a networking lunch and new supervisors were asking me and my friends what our favorite supervisors did and why. It’s so weird to now be in the supervisor seat and to have some experience on both sides of the conversation. Lunch was El pelon, which was also a throwback and it’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Boston, backed up as a semifinalist on 538’s best ranked national burrito competition. So yums

2) Just got off the T and the sky opened up, my shoes were still damp the day after, my bag back of my shirt and half of my pants were wet and it flash flooded so hard my umbrella couldn’t even keep all the water out. FB/semi work time with K for a bit.

GPOY from that day

3) Dinner was a mix up and Drunk History with the roomies. It’s such a good show and we watched almost all of it in one sitting. Haven’t had a good roomie night in a while and everyone was there! Drunk History drinking game can kill a person.
It’s so good

4) Sexytimes 3 and 5. We also took a chatbreak where I told her about my handedness. I was born left handed, but was raised a right hander. We talked about its fucked-upedness and my personal redemption/rejection. “Born this way.” Needless to say, I also slept very well that night.

Pahk Yah Cah In Hahvad Yahd – Or Don’t

Sunday 7-13

1) Lunch at Ottos in Harvard Sq was a lot of yums. Cheap, tasty pizza and a day that’s not too hot for sitting outside and people watching. It was interesting to note that everyone else who was sitting on the Otto’s patio was extremely anti-litter, as in they all tried to pick up any litter in the area. It made me happy to see a handful of people who kinda still care about the environment. I’ll include our Ben and Jerry’s trip here because I really dislike sitting around in hate Harvard Square and avoid it at all costs because of the traffic, lack of parking, and the types of people who think Harvard Square is a great weekend destination, read: snotty white people types and tourists. I just dislike crowds. But like I said, Ben and Jerry’s was a lot of fun with cutie, and she treated me to mango mango sorbet = yumms.

2) Co-working with cutie at her school’s library. She’s such a powerhouse that she managed to get all of her work done while I put together a list of students and read some articles about feminism. She puts me to shame all the time, but that’s what I find so sexy about her, incredible work ethic, so motivated, future oriented, and she’s got a game plan for life. Like I told my bestie FS, “this girl knows what she wants and will do everything she needs to get it.” She’s the work and I’m the play and we balance each other out 🙂 Wanted to sneak off for some library making out time, but I didn’t feel ok with making out in the theology section. While looking for the feminism section, this nasty unhappy lady gave us the most rude stare and for absolutely no reason. Poor nasty sad lady…

Not the actual lady, but close to it -via DeviantArt,

3) Came back home and did some stuff around the house, cleaned my room, updated the blog through Saturday, cleaned up Peachie’s stuff. Got ready to cut my hair and had a mini break for hugs and comfort for cutieface. A haircut, writing/creeping session, and seriously fun shower later we settled down for dinner.

4) Watched Totoro with cutie and it was great. One of my favorite movies of all time, but I have to watch it in Japanese or else the English voice actors make me angry.  Plus you can’t call them “soot gremlins,” they are clearly “makurokurosuke”s. It was nice to watch in Japanese also because I can understand the younger children’s language and it’s nice to think that somewhere I still know a little bit of Japanese…


5) And some more sexytime, because we can. I sure do write about how much sex I’m having on this blog. Sorry I’m not sorry!

Link Dump: Inspiration

This young man makes me think twice about complaining His video which is super hard to hear

These little ones are the best

Seriously considering cutting back on red meats because of this article. Makin changes, and trying my best. I dunno if I can go 100% veggie/vegan, but I have started thinking a lot more before I make food choices now. Cutieface may appreciate it 🙂

Speaking of which: creamy vegan pasta recipes

This poem “She Let Go” is really doing it for me rn

Haven’t tried it yet, but Google Maps incorporated a game called Smarty Pins These young men are fantastic

Reminder to buy more comics: Lumberjanes

This TED Talk on everyday leadership is pretty interesting. You can change people’s worlds very easily.

Wow NDT, right in the feels

And the article to this glorious internet find

Too lazy to have even tried these