You Cancer Whore

Friday 8-1 BL
1) Got up and tidied up for couch preparations before shower time and heading out to Life Alive for lunch.

2) Drive down to PTown was brutal, 3.5 hours down with all the traffic and we tried to find a place to stay. Dolphin motel was a no go, and lol.

3) “Beach time” turned into quick lunch break before we did the rock bridge crossing in PTown. It was very cool and was about a mile each way. Fun! We took pics and selfies, families out on the rock bridge, and scuba swimmer man. Saw a derpy crab scuttling into the ocean.

4) Parked in town, bought first book and walked around a bit. Needed bathroom, so we popped into the art place where Jinkx Monsoon was performing (which we didn’t expect to see her) and got fried mac and cheese balls.

5) Long ass ridic. line was annoying and I complained the whole time, but we got seats on the balcony right above David Sedaris. Really amazing show! K loved him and he read a few pieces, C-Section and his siblings, Google for different people, diary entries. Gyno joke, fear of the c word, “broken like Obamacare,” intolerance capital, Hugh and # of sex partners joke, “cancer whore,” talking penis, etc. He’s so hilariously smart and witty and has a distinct style to his writing. And the fact that he reads them and knows timing and how to pause is fantastic.

He’s so awesome!!

6) We stayed and got books signed. I was so fangirl nervous but K stayed up with me and we waited over two hours to get them signed. He asked about Peachie’s poo, lols. I got all kinds of nervous, but K enjoyed it. I wish I could have kept it together enough to have a real conversation with him instead of babbling. We had a long drive home, but I got my Max Bemis moment and it was great. He’s adorable, funny and smart. I wanna be like him someday.

All the Dates and Hanging Out!!

Saturday 5-31
1) Teasing pics and flirty texts so I rushed over to Buffalo Exchange and nothin :/ Walked to Shaws for lunch items and made my tomato and stuff soup.

2) Fantastic walk date around Somerville and Cambridge. Powderhouse Park with the Steampunk tea party to the Cambridge park with the swings and amazing grass, short shorts, and smooches.

3) Graduation cookout for C, quite fun, met her ‘family’ away from home and I can totally see why she enjoys hanging out there so much. Funny guys, shy sweetiepie. Foods!! and C’s funny friends.

4) NH drag show with K and her friends at 313. Raven was there and it was also Lady Sabrina’s birthday roast. D’s funny dancing and grinding to the two non EDM songs.

Team Bianca

Monday 5-19
1) Interviewing a new candidate, went well. I liked her enough but dunno if she’s a contender. Also grabbed some Izzy’s which was bomb dot com cuz I haven’t been in a while.

2) PetCo’d for my baby and got new food and mealies. Hope she likes it.

3) Picked K up from the T and we went and chilled at F’s for the RPDR finale. Team Bianca! Baby was tired but it was a lot of fun chilling with F. I hope she’s ok with my drag stan-ing.

Gay Boy Harem Time

Friday 5-2
1)  Morning meeting was deep and emotional. Lots of things to think about. Organizational changes, programmatic changes. I’ll still be coming back for a few things but there’s a good chance I’ll be unemployed for quite a while 😦

2) Picture in front of the school with hand holding, lol. Walk outside, lunch at Bon Me, hugs goodbye. Wrapping up, more tears.

3) Gay boy harem time. Straight out of an Untucked episode. K cooked chili, M and Fs are back and good. Just dance. Politics conversation with M and A. What is my life, lol. Drag show = meh, music was def blah, and she didn’t show 😦 S’ok though because I asked her out finally. Well, we’re almost there 😀

So Much Flailing

Tuesday 4-29
1) Hung with B and watched Ru! Does I have a secondary gayboy? If so that’s awesome! Met his roomies, T was there for just a bit. It was quite fun.

2) My Facebook bear post was good! I enjoy shameless facebook trolling for likes but my pic is awesome. a few derpy faces too, but it worked!

3) Work was great and I got to flail about Britney Spears to everyone and showed my necklace and told my kid about Jerry Rice. I got to catch up with everyone in the office and it was fantastic!! Was pretty productive too, emails for interviews and recc letters for SCs. More flailing about and programs was a little hyper but it was good overall.

4) I kinda asked her out? She said she had plans with fam on Friday but maybe. Then I talked about drag shows and about saying I’d text her. Tomorrow mebbes?

5) Girl talk time after programs was fantastic we talked about quite a few crazy topics, V, S, K, N, S, and I blabbing about debates to creepos, being pregnant, X and R rated things, oops. Road rage, pedos, placentas, pee, friends who flail, Anime, smaller groups, celebration. It was really nice to hear and get to talk to everyone like that.

Not A Bad Thing

Drag Race @ Guilt, Wake Up The Earth Saturday, and Game of Thrones this weekend! When do I get to sit and do nothing all day already? I can’t even update my blog on time. Or get my pictures on Facebook in a timely manner. I am having hella fun though and great music to go with it: