Link Dump – Still Behind

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Link Dump: 3 weeks late edition

Continuing my tradition of doing a big link dump instead of updating my blog here goes. I may make the 8th my Link Dump deadline…


For Cutieface:






That’s me to a T!



  • How to be polite – Really enjoyed this article! I often think I’m a polite person in general, but recent car trips with my girlfriend have proven otherwise… This is inspiration to practice more patience and politeness, especially in the car and surrounded by idiots
  • Being more considerate – I think I’m a pretty considerate person too. This article also resonated with me 🙂
  • Putting things into incredible perspective. How do I continue life with this in mind?
  • “But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business…because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy.”





Lazy Sunday Date Day

Sunday 8-10 BL
1) Grasshopper in Allston was pretty yummy but not as good as the My Thai place in Chinatown. Dumplings were fantastic and the sauce was almost as good as real nuoc mam.

2) Walkabout lap around the reservoir in Brighton. Hot sun and lots of teasing. Dunno why she likes weak complainy me. Pictures of my lumpy legs and I whined the rest of the way around. Nice to get out walking though!

edit note: I was gonna put in a pic of mosquito bites, but my Google search was a little crazy / don’t do it. So “this space left blank intentionally”

3) Groceries misadventure in Trader Joe’s and then Whole Foods. Car wash adventure and then we went home before a trip to Orange Leaf froyo yummies.

4) Home for 10 Things I Hate About You and leftovers dinner. I love the movie and Heath Ledger is a dreamboat it’s so sad he passed so young. Julia Stiles I love and she’s kinda dropped outta the scene. Baby JGL and Gabrielle Union.

5) Little bit of roomie and Peachie time tonight before yeasty popcorns and some sexytimes.

Link Dump: All The Things. Always.

Nature at its best:

Comics because they’re the best:

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Useful life advice and articles:




  • Sometimes banks are not always terrible, go TD Bank!
  • Anna Kendrick is one of the most creative actors out there right now, mostly because she’s authentic, real and unapologetic
  • Monty Python’s last good bye
  • Hilary Duff’s latest, complete with bloopers (which are better than the actual music video, but oh well), and Rock from But I’m A Cheerleader – who after internet research is a pretty famous actor Eddie Cibrian, married to LeAnn Rimes. Totally my type of guy – pretty boy, muscular, dark and scruffyish, and very gayish, even in Hilary’s music video

Will never not be gay in my mind!!

Ok that’s enough right? Til next time!

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

Wednesday 7-30

1) Birthday sex! Always a great thing 🙂

2) Work was very crazy hectic, with a twist! But K and I went for L’s end of the service year celebration and came back to the office for a cake beard and KPop dance videos.

3) Birthday dinner date in Allston with hot pot and then froyo – my ultimate (but not very original idea) date. We walked around her soon-to-be neighborhood for a quick break and we cuddled a little bit too. She was a smartypants with her teasing, but it’s a good thing she’s sexy and cute.

4) So much birthday love on FB and I also restarted my Instagram. Gonna try to do a photo a day, like my buddies have been doing. It’s a great way to get out there and taking pics again.

5) Roomie N made me a strawberry lemonade cake and it was so delish! She wasn’t very sneaky about it, but that was great. Got to bond with the roomies for a bit and that was nice. Giving D more of a chance, she’s nice, I just don’t know what to talk about with her. We have mostly stuck to food and yesterday we talked about Boehner suing Obama, and then the Ebola outbreak, so….

6) Family phone call was fun. They asked about my birthday and just general checking in. Mom always asks me about school, dad always about work and my aunt. He asked about dating/settling down and even asked if I had a gf!! Huge steps for him and I’m glad that he’s expanding his worldview. Kinda has to.

Two And A Half Sexytimes

Sunday 7-27
1) Lazy Sunday and so rainy outside! We got up all lazy after some tech time for lunch.

2) K took a nap and I creeped on her, which was great!! Also got a little more tech time before she got up and we got a little frisky.

3) Dinner with S and B for “family” dinner. Discussions included: American Ninja Warrior, legalization, “guess who’s gay now,” and updates on life. The poor waitress who got so awkward about our friend group, she ran off. We’ll surprise her next time with even more multiculturalism in our family.

4) Got home and decided on Froyo treat as a break. We had to set a timer 😉 Froyo was sooo good and we came back home for the first half of DEBS and then K said she was ‘sleepy’ and we ended up everywhere instead. I pet a sleepy baby to sleep and passed out happy and satisfied.

Every Date Gets Better

Thursday 7-17 BL
1) Concord meeting with old ED of my org. Car chairs in the reception area and a fantastic meeting to talk about bigger picture ideas and also some specifics. She’s so funny, “got a good spot by the MIT museum,” etc. talking abt the summer and her interns. It was a great meeting and nice to get out of the city for a bit.

2) Grand Tampon Excursion of Concord MA 2014. Ridiculous feminist parade around historic Concord main square because it’s surprisingly hard to find feminine products and accompanying bathrooms. We hiked down a ways where we finally found a CVS and met a feminist who agreed that we enjoy the glitter and glitz to sell our feminine products lols. Rage against the manchine.

3) I accidentally tricked K and bought her lunch, and we ate by the monument and talked a lot about mushrooms and how much I hate them.

4) Walden pond walkabout! It is such a nice pond, I might even get in someday, notreally. There’s a trail around and felt so lucky to be with cutieface. Chatting about lots of things: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s cabin, cuddling at nice sights, ESL field trip, etc.

5) Dinner with V and K = BK and Wendy’s trip. Planning out life in Cali, talking boys and sex, babies and life. Super good time and chill!

6) Sassy sleepy baby. “It must be hard going through life being so weird” and “Sleepy seeds. Yeah, you save them for later, put em in your pocket” She’s the cutest when she’s sleepy! Out of control!