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Link Dump – Still Behind

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Link Dump: 3 weeks late edition

Continuing my tradition of doing a big link dump instead of updating my blog here goes. I may make the 8th my Link Dump deadline…


For Cutieface:






That’s me to a T!



  • How to be polite – Really enjoyed this article! I often think I’m a polite person in general, but recent car trips with my girlfriend have proven otherwise… This is inspiration to practice more patience and politeness, especially in the car and surrounded by idiots
  • Being more considerate – I think I’m a pretty considerate person too. This article also resonated with me 🙂
  • Putting things into incredible perspective. How do I continue life with this in mind?
  • “But the 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business…because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy.”





Link Dump: All The Things. Always.

Nature at its best:

Comics because they’re the best:

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  • Sometimes banks are not always terrible, go TD Bank!
  • Anna Kendrick is one of the most creative actors out there right now, mostly because she’s authentic, real and unapologetic
  • Monty Python’s last good bye
  • Hilary Duff’s latest, complete with bloopers (which are better than the actual music video, but oh well), and Rock from But I’m A Cheerleader – who after internet research is a pretty famous actor Eddie Cibrian, married to LeAnn Rimes. Totally my type of guy – pretty boy, muscular, dark and scruffyish, and very gayish, even in Hilary’s music video

Will never not be gay in my mind!!

Ok that’s enough right? Til next time!

Raining Cats and Dogs

Wednesday 7-16 BL
1) Woke up pretty early for a supervisor training in the rain. Hella cold in the room and lots of redundant information but I got to see some old friends and I mean friends I met years ago when I first got out to Boston. We had a networking lunch and new supervisors were asking me and my friends what our favorite supervisors did and why. It’s so weird to now be in the supervisor seat and to have some experience on both sides of the conversation. Lunch was El pelon, which was also a throwback and it’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Boston, backed up as a semifinalist on 538’s best ranked national burrito competition. So yums

2) Just got off the T and the sky opened up, my shoes were still damp the day after, my bag back of my shirt and half of my pants were wet and it flash flooded so hard my umbrella couldn’t even keep all the water out. FB/semi work time with K for a bit.

GPOY from that day

3) Dinner was a mix up and Drunk History with the roomies. It’s such a good show and we watched almost all of it in one sitting. Haven’t had a good roomie night in a while and everyone was there! Drunk History drinking game can kill a person.
It’s so good

4) Sexytimes 3 and 5. We also took a chatbreak where I told her about my handedness. I was born left handed, but was raised a right hander. We talked about its fucked-upedness and my personal redemption/rejection. “Born this way.” Needless to say, I also slept very well that night.

Link Dump: Inspiration

This young man makes me think twice about complaining His video which is super hard to hear

These little ones are the best

Seriously considering cutting back on red meats because of this article. Makin changes, and trying my best. I dunno if I can go 100% veggie/vegan, but I have started thinking a lot more before I make food choices now. Cutieface may appreciate it 🙂

Speaking of which: creamy vegan pasta recipes

This poem “She Let Go” is really doing it for me rn

Haven’t tried it yet, but Google Maps incorporated a game called Smarty Pins These young men are fantastic

Reminder to buy more comics: Lumberjanes

This TED Talk on everyday leadership is pretty interesting. You can change people’s worlds very easily.

Wow NDT, right in the feels

And the article to this glorious internet find

Too lazy to have even tried these

Lols and yums

Oh shit, I took a break to watch a snippet of this, but I had to #shutitdown only two minutes edit: min 28 seconds in for laughing inappropriately late/early in my room. loooooooooooolll theugliestboyintheworld lololololllllllloooooooool

Will I ever learn to cover my internet trails? Time will tell. I mean, I can’t run for office that’s for sure. Ever, that’s all I gotta say. *cough* pron reviews *cough Though…Newt is doing pretty well in the polls considering…

Oh and yummm, from one of my secret webcomic loves, secret only bcuz of the full on raunch, especially these:

Snow Queen

Meltwater One Two Three

Solstice One Two

Rouge Arsenal One Two Three