Lonely Monday

Monday 8-18 BL

1) Work was slow at first but I managed to get into a swing with the registration packets. 100+ with extra and no papercuts! Except for the one I found this morning I’m pretty cool, even if it was a little lonely in the office. Jammed and snag terribly anyway.

2) Home and did all the blogging, almost finished it all but I stopped to do all my other chores, cleaned Peachie’s cage, trash and quick shower.

Every Monday…

3) Tried to get my babycakes time but I mistimed all the things and she needs her sleeps, so I got a little more FB time before I started to get tired. Gotta think about how sleeping is gonna work from now on.

Social Norms Whut?

Friday 8-8 BL
1) Slept in and took care of myself. I always feel a little guilty that I’m not being as productive as possible, but it’s necessary for me.

2) Blog update! Went through all of my tabs and archived them on my blog. Got lots of topics that I use often, so it’s nice to see where my interests are.

3) Rallied in the afternoon and went to our coworker’s birthday / going away party. Her friends are great and we watched some coworkers play some serious Pong. Rainforest party favors and took coworker L home. Ranted about how nice people stick to the social norm of getting rides from friends, when I don’t get it. If I’m giving my friend a ride, I’m going to take them all the way home. Not just drop em off somewhere to get on the T. It’s late, so of course I’m gonna take my friends all the way home. Silly people.