Lonely Monday

Monday 8-18 BL

1) Work was slow at first but I managed to get into a swing with the registration packets. 100+ with extra and no papercuts! Except for the one I found this morning I’m pretty cool, even if it was a little lonely in the office. Jammed and snag terribly anyway.

2) Home and did all the blogging, almost finished it all but I stopped to do all my other chores, cleaned Peachie’s cage, trash and quick shower.

Every Monday…

3) Tried to get my babycakes time but I mistimed all the things and she needs her sleeps, so I got a little more FB time before I started to get tired. Gotta think about how sleeping is gonna work from now on.

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

Wednesday 7-30

1) Birthday sex! Always a great thing 🙂

2) Work was very crazy hectic, with a twist! But K and I went for L’s end of the service year celebration and came back to the office for a cake beard and KPop dance videos.

3) Birthday dinner date in Allston with hot pot and then froyo – my ultimate (but not very original idea) date. We walked around her soon-to-be neighborhood for a quick break and we cuddled a little bit too. She was a smartypants with her teasing, but it’s a good thing she’s sexy and cute.

4) So much birthday love on FB and I also restarted my Instagram. Gonna try to do a photo a day, like my buddies have been doing. It’s a great way to get out there and taking pics again.

5) Roomie N made me a strawberry lemonade cake and it was so delish! She wasn’t very sneaky about it, but that was great. Got to bond with the roomies for a bit and that was nice. Giving D more of a chance, she’s nice, I just don’t know what to talk about with her. We have mostly stuck to food and yesterday we talked about Boehner suing Obama, and then the Ebola outbreak, so….

6) Family phone call was fun. They asked about my birthday and just general checking in. Mom always asks me about school, dad always about work and my aunt. He asked about dating/settling down and even asked if I had a gf!! Huge steps for him and I’m glad that he’s expanding his worldview. Kinda has to.

Maintaining Self

Monday 7-21

1) Smelling K this morning has gotten me through parts of today. She’s got the best smell ^^

2) Productive time today included sweeping the house, cleaning Peachie’s stuff, and finally eating that mango before I sat down to do work. Did quite a bit until 7:30 or so with lots of FB/Tumblr breaks.

3) Had a super great conversation with my sis for over an hour where we bullshit and talked about our relationships/or lack therof. Her cleanse, “teeny weeny,” our siblings and how it’s funny we’re the only ones who can talk about relationship stuff, and her mantras she makes me practice.

4) Started Sherlock with the roomies and got to see a homemade drunk kitchen. Kinda wish she’d continue that project, just for the luls.

K’s Homecourt Advantage

Friday 7-18 BL
1) Laundry and procrastinate time at K’s parents’ for a while. FB, raviolis and getting ready for this ‘themed black and white’ party and of course, no one is in B&W but us. Whatever!

2) Getting ready time with LR at Gay HQ, pep talk and getting her to see from my perspective and experience about self confidence, overthinking things, and envisioning positivity. Shaving the one leg lol. “You can’t overthink things and you have to think you’re gonna succeed to actually succeed.”

3) Grilled all the foods with C and J’s help. Beer pong with LR’s friend. K’s other gay boys. J and C got a bond over comics, which was cool. D told me and updated on part of his life story which was nice because it seems like he trusts me and he also asked if I would be around more when we were leaving. Yay bonding and acceptance from K’s friends!

4) Came home late and definitely had sexytimes til late late.

Raining Cats and Dogs

Wednesday 7-16 BL
1) Woke up pretty early for a supervisor training in the rain. Hella cold in the room and lots of redundant information but I got to see some old friends and I mean friends I met years ago when I first got out to Boston. We had a networking lunch and new supervisors were asking me and my friends what our favorite supervisors did and why. It’s so weird to now be in the supervisor seat and to have some experience on both sides of the conversation. Lunch was El pelon, which was also a throwback and it’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in all of Boston, backed up as a semifinalist on 538’s best ranked national burrito competition. So yums

2) Just got off the T and the sky opened up, my shoes were still damp the day after, my bag back of my shirt and half of my pants were wet and it flash flooded so hard my umbrella couldn’t even keep all the water out. FB/semi work time with K for a bit.

GPOY from that day

3) Dinner was a mix up and Drunk History with the roomies. It’s such a good show and we watched almost all of it in one sitting. Haven’t had a good roomie night in a while and everyone was there! Drunk History drinking game can kill a person.

It’s so good

4) Sexytimes 3 and 5. We also took a chatbreak where I told her about my handedness. I was born left handed, but was raised a right hander. We talked about its fucked-upedness and my personal redemption/rejection. “Born this way.” Needless to say, I also slept very well that night.

Come On Dudeguy

Sunday 6-29 BL
1) Woke up lazy FB time with K by my side. She deleted a pic I took of her and I got upset. Not crazy? :/ We made up just in time for a late and yummy shower.

2) Dropped cutie off at HoB to stake out her band dude. Would later do some research on him and he seems pretty cool. Will discuss with cutieface shortly…

3) I went to go see F and do some laundry. We had a pretty fatty lazy Sunday, with game time, fast foods, and some Dance Central. I’m surprisingly bad at choreographed dancing :< It’s ok though cuz the game is still fun.

4) Picked cutie up, no luck on meeting her dudeguy :/ But I hope I made up for it, for a total of three good nights in a row 😉