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Keirsey Personality Tests – Recently took another Keirsey test and got INTJ, which is new for me. I have ISFJ saved from two years ago… Interesting…



Becoming A Regular

Thursday 7-10 BL

1) Woke up hella early for a leadership presentation / graduation for one of my co-workers. It was interesting to hear about what they all got out of the program and I’m super proud of my Fellow KF! Thinking about leadership and our journey and development is always interesting. They asked us to think about our favorite leader of all time, and I brought up my youth worker in middle school/high school and how she impacted my current journey. I should really try to reach out to her to see how she’s doing.

2) Sushi dinner with cutie. I think we’re quickly becoming regulars, which is great and scary because we are pretty easy to recognize. As much as I try to fade into the background, I always get noticed or remembered. We watched some Venture Bros. with roomie NW – who is so interesting in a lot of ways. She goes from hardcore metalhead or goth girl, to 50s housewife complete with dress and roasting a chicken in the kitchen, to crafting the shit outta everything. I’m gonna miss her when she moves at the end of August.

3) A smidge of internet and cat videos, then K and I watched the Fifth Element and then Mean Girls til late. Both are two of my favorite movies ever, and I’m glad she enjoyed the Fifth Element. We had a very late night snack and we fell asleep talking about all the things – threesomes, lesbian and gay crews, work, and cruises.

Back and forth

Friday 3-28

I’m cheating today because I can and also because I have lots to be grateful for┬átoday.

1) E & K meeting this morning was good. Like I said, we always have a nice time venting and talking about our personal and professional issues with work. Being able to plan, reflect, problem solve, and think critically about things at work with my leadership team is awesome. I work at such an amazing organization and really lucked out on life in that regard. My boss is one of the most supportive and fantastic leaders that I am so glad to know her. At this point in my life she’s my emergency contact. I feel really bad that she has to put her dog to sleep this week. That’s so hard and I wish I could do something or anything to help her ­čśŽ

2) I went to some presentations @ Lesley for one of my programs. It’s a girl’s program focusing on media and identity and college students basically learn a lot of theory before planning and executing activities for middle and high school students. It’s a powerful and life changing program and it was interesting to hear about the TAs, RAs, and alumni of the class talk about their experience. How many of them were and are continuing to struggle with the same issues they are learning and facilitating discussions about. How many found their voice, found their leadership potential, and how many are carrying their experience in this spectacular college course with them after college. One young woman made a comment that youth development work is social change. It helped reaffirm my belief and dedication to this work and some of my very deep values. Think One Person Can Change The World? Well, I am changing the world in my own way. Small changes now will help shift mountains later.

3) I came home early and got to do some internet and YouTube time. Here are highlights:

Found this on Buzzfeed, supercut of SF queer women and All the yummy queer womens I feel conflicted about objectifying butch women, but damn, they’re so sexy. Unf dimples + my favorite pictures are the smiling ones, which Buzzfeed didn’t highlight.

Supaman, Native American hip-hop/rapper who won MTV artist of the week

4) I miss living with S&V and we met up for hang out times. A mutual acquaintance T was hanging too, and she’s funny. Definitely changed dynamics, but we “conquered” a few episodes of American Horror Story. Much fun and I needs to make plans to hang with them more often.