“Lazy Sunday” Date Day

Sunday 8-17 BL
1) Babes got up so early so I kinda did too. We got up and went for Life Alive and talked about feminism, more specifically, how stupid dumb girls pose for pictures. We sat outside on City Hall Lawn again and talked about dirty nasty birds “hey we’re eating” and other things.

2) Food shoppins at the Co-op and got a few meals worth of food. Got home and realized we have all the food and leftovers that we really need to eat up. Gonna try and not buy any other food this week. We’ll see how that goes. We talked about life priorities and what needs are the most important to us. Things are gonna change schedule-wise so I’m trying my best to prepare for it. Sucks that I totally did read about this way back and I knew deep down that this was gonna be how it is, but I didn’t realize that it was gonna happen so soon.

3) Lunch #2 for cutie and then we took a glorious nap for a few hours.

4) Tattoo time! We played tattoo parlor and drew our tatt ideas on each other. K did a real cool rainbow line on my left forearm and then ‘let it go’ on my right. I really want it in her handwriting but it’s not a great idea to do that even though her handwriting is the best and it’s so pretty. Maybe someday…I drew some ugly ass flowers on her sleeve in smelly markers and actually liked the sunflower quite a bit, but the daisies were shit. My concept rose turned out ok and my lettering was pretty good too.

5) Cooked dinner. Quinoa, potatoes, kale, garlic, and onions. So yummy! Babycakes is the best at making healthy vegan foods and it’s a good thing for me!

6) We had spa day, cucumber clay face masks and giggled at each other before separate 😦 showers.

7) Trolling the cutie for her naked girls in her ’email’ and gotta remember to ask about her secret paper and research on tattooed sexy ladies. Def gonna remember that one. Trolling K is pretty easy, she just digs that hole deeper and deeper… Yummy sexytime and sleep. I had a rough sleep and crazy dreams tho.

Lazy Sunday Date Day

Sunday 8-10 BL
1) Grasshopper in Allston was pretty yummy but not as good as the My Thai place in Chinatown. Dumplings were fantastic and the sauce was almost as good as real nuoc mam.

2) Walkabout lap around the reservoir in Brighton. Hot sun and lots of teasing. Dunno why she likes weak complainy me. Pictures of my lumpy legs and I whined the rest of the way around. Nice to get out walking though!

edit note: I was gonna put in a pic of mosquito bites, but my Google search was a little crazy / don’t do it. So “this space left blank intentionally”

3) Groceries misadventure in Trader Joe’s and then Whole Foods. Car wash adventure and then we went home before a trip to Orange Leaf froyo yummies.

4) Home for 10 Things I Hate About You and leftovers dinner. I love the movie and Heath Ledger is a dreamboat it’s so sad he passed so young. Julia Stiles I love and she’s kinda dropped outta the scene. Baby JGL and Gabrielle Union.

5) Little bit of roomie and Peachie time tonight before yeasty popcorns and some sexytimes.