“Lazy Sunday” Date Day

Sunday 8-17 BL
1) Babes got up so early so I kinda did too. We got up and went for Life Alive and talked about feminism, more specifically, how stupid dumb girls pose for pictures. We sat outside on City Hall Lawn again and talked about dirty nasty birds “hey we’re eating” and other things.

2) Food shoppins at the Co-op and got a few meals worth of food. Got home and realized we have all the food and leftovers that we really need to eat up. Gonna try and not buy any other food this week. We’ll see how that goes. We talked about life priorities and what needs are the most important to us. Things are gonna change schedule-wise so I’m trying my best to prepare for it. Sucks that I totally did read about this way back and I knew deep down that this was gonna be how it is, but I didn’t realize that it was gonna happen so soon.

3) Lunch #2 for cutie and then we took a glorious nap for a few hours.

4) Tattoo time! We played tattoo parlor and drew our tatt ideas on each other. K did a real cool rainbow line on my left forearm and then ‘let it go’ on my right. I really want it in her handwriting but it’s not a great idea to do that even though her handwriting is the best and it’s so pretty. Maybe someday…I drew some ugly ass flowers on her sleeve in smelly markers and actually liked the sunflower quite a bit, but the daisies were shit. My concept rose turned out ok and my lettering was pretty good too.

5) Cooked dinner. Quinoa, potatoes, kale, garlic, and onions. So yummy! Babycakes is the best at making healthy vegan foods and it’s a good thing for me!

6) We had spa day, cucumber clay face masks and giggled at each other before separate 😦 showers.

7) Trolling the cutie for her naked girls in her ’email’ and gotta remember to ask about her secret paper and research on tattooed sexy ladies. Def gonna remember that one. Trolling K is pretty easy, she just digs that hole deeper and deeper… Yummy sexytime and sleep. I had a rough sleep and crazy dreams tho.

So Much Gossip

Thursday 8-14 BL
1) Work today was not as much training, more job postings and then a long E chat about: Ferguson, MO Mike Brown, K and her work schedule this year, elections 2016, state of the union basically.

2) Lunch walk to HMart for chap jae. So cheap and healthy. Lots of txting today and missing babyface, dating advice to the sis, roomie finals, F chill time setting up.

3) Home for best nap ever, power nap 30 mins!

Cute kitty demonstrates power napping

4) F time & pet therapy. We watched a ton of Big Brother and ate Wendy’s and played Tiny Death Star.

Playing House Can Be Fun

Sunday 8-3 BL
1) Got some work done while K made me breakfast ❤ and we watched more It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which K really enjoys and I don’t understand why. They are such terrible people and she enjoys it. I fucking love the show, but didn’t think she’d be into it as much as she is.

2) Whole Foods shopping adventure and we got lots of food for the week. We planned out a week’s menu and gonna try and do it this week instead of eating out so much. We’ll see how we do, cuz we bought food there instead of making stuff for lunch.

3) Came home and ate foods and took a glorious nap! Pretty lazy Sunday, but it was nice to just take it a little easy. K feels antsy when she isn’t ridiculously busy, but I like taking my time on the weekend.

4) Hair dye adventure. Helped K dye her hairs and it was fun, she likes the dark look and it looks great on her. Sexy lady!

Looks so crazy nasty while you’re doing it O_O

5) Back home for Chipoodle, shower and some more sexytime 🙂


Saturday 8-2 BL
1) Woke up hella late! We didn’t get in til after 3 and so we didn’t get up til closer to 1. Lazy wake up and breakfast.

2) Sexytime for two hours! Yumm I took a naked power snooze that I shouldn’t have, cuz I woke up grouchy and K just laughed at me being grouchy. Which I hate, but it works and makes me a little more grouchy and simultaneously makes me feel better.

3) Target for a card and an air mattress and fruit snacks before we headed over to N’s bday party where we planned on telling her about us. Didn’t quite happen that way, her friends maybe told her, or so we’re hoping. Her family was so nice and very friendly! We left awkwardly before anyone else had even shown up, grabbing some hot dogs as we left because her mom made us.

4) Sharknado at GHQ! Makeup session with J and L, hilarious. Started Sharknado and everyone was so incredulous it was great. L had epic rants and stormed off before the Sharknados even appeared in the movie. K and J seemed to enjoy it though so that was a big win.

Two And A Half Sexytimes

Sunday 7-27
1) Lazy Sunday and so rainy outside! We got up all lazy after some tech time for lunch.

2) K took a nap and I creeped on her, which was great!! Also got a little more tech time before she got up and we got a little frisky.

3) Dinner with S and B for “family” dinner. Discussions included: American Ninja Warrior, legalization, “guess who’s gay now,” and updates on life. The poor waitress who got so awkward about our friend group, she ran off. We’ll surprise her next time with even more multiculturalism in our family.

4) Got home and decided on Froyo treat as a break. We had to set a timer 😉 Froyo was sooo good and we came back home for the first half of DEBS and then K said she was ‘sleepy’ and we ended up everywhere instead. I pet a sleepy baby to sleep and passed out happy and satisfied.

My Sanity Restored

Sunday 7-20
1) I have the best, most patient, forgiving, and understanding girlfriend ever because a good portion of my day was spent inside my head, thinking and reflecting on my reactions, emotions and thoughts, and trying to put together an action plan to help my self destructive cycle. Lots of creys and we went on the most unpleasant walk with thirsty bugs, uncomfortable silence, upset and unsaid feelings, some very sweet smooches, and nasty bug infested standing water smell. She stuck through it all and let me wallow all day…

2) Until I asked for some paper to write down all the shit in my head. Started with the nasty stuff that was plaguing my mind and heart but halfway through I switched to self affirmations and finding my personal strength again. After 20 mins or so of writing, I felt better, stronger, more of myself and the person she fell in love with and less of the pitiful, pathetic, shell of a person K put up with all day. I keep forgetting how cathartic and therapeutic writing is for me! It was almost instant how much better I felt.

3) So I laid down and watched K working through her work piles and fell asleep from the emotional exhaustion. K creeped on my drooling self and read some of it (shame on me for leaving my personal writings about in clear sight. again.) which may have had an influence on her weird behavior after my nap. Cutieface curled up on me and wouldn’t tell me what was up. She doesn’t normally let me cuddle-top her and certainly not as often, insistently, and adorably as she did. After lots of pulling she finally “asked” me to stay one more night and I couldn’t say no to the big baby I was holding. She gave me a good dose of my own medicine because she says I’m 10x worse, which only adds to her sexiness points. How’d I get so lucky?

Big baby like this one

4) She made us pancakes and sleepy tea and we got in bed for a documentary called Vegucated. It was eye opening, logical, emotional, sick, scary, and makes me really think about my food choices now. With more evidence, I only need to find my right balance for my diet. We ended up making out a bit, transitioning into a satisfying sexytimes before we passed out after a long emotional day.

Partying Down With Nicest People Ever

Saturday 7-5 BL
1) Wake up call at 7:55 wtf?? Packed up and left by 8:30. Drove home just in time for a nap til 1. So lazy.

2) Portlandia and quinoa scramble take 2 = success!! Soooo yummys.

3) PK came over and met my cutie before she left to go do works. Played Bananagrams and MK came over before we took a walk about. Chatting about grad schools and meaningful hugs, and finally roller skating.

4) Dinner at Divas with PK which was pretty tasty and it was such a nice day sitting by the window.

5) B’s Murrica bday party with keg stands, gummy bear shots, most amazing guac and dancing. Peoples were pretty schwasty by the time we got there, but lots of pretty nice people and some of the gay boys I know. Good times!