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Neverending Date #3 – Boston In A Day

Friday 7-25 BL
1) Graduation for K and M was so great! Speakers were amazing in very different ways, the impact and power we have as youth professionals. Refreshing and energizing. Saw so many of my friends and people who I served with years ago. K commented that I know everyone, but it just looks like it because this is the community and network I’ve been a part of for the last few years. It was so nice to spend time with M at lunch too.

2) We went on a Boston harbor walkabout. Weather was perfect and spending time with K was fantastic! We sat down and cuddled, got creeped on by plenty of dudes and talked about my foot in mouth disease aka me saying stupid shit without thinking and hurting others inadvertently. She’s so patient and unjudgemental it is craziness. We talked through a lots of things like jealousy, friendship, and boundaries. I hope I don’t end up in the doghouse again anytime soon!

3) Flour tea break with very hot jasmine teas and chatting about travels, houses, kids, etc.

4) Walked over to Chinatown for another snack with unfriendly bao lady. Then we walked over to the Commons for another nice sit and chat about our family histories, puppies, and white boys busking.

We took a pic under those weepy trees!

5) Starbucks potty break at 5ish and guilt juice before we tried taking selfie pics of ourselves. We settled again in the Gardens for a good two and a half hours and talked about all the things. Poked fun at rich people, uber religious people, talked about our power coupleness, made up stories about people on dates, saw all types of queer lady couples and puppies.

6) Walked along the Charles River as the sun set and it was so beautiful!! More chatting and lovely time. Our walk across Mass. Ave bridge was good and we started planning out dinner.

7) I introduced cutie to the Harvest Co-op in Central Square and she flipped out! She was so happy and giddy by the vegan ice cream and frozen vegan pizzas, I shoulda taken a pic..We got groceries and finally headed home.

8) Cooked dinner: veggie sausage, pasta, broccoli, and sauce. So yumm and I timed the broccoli perfectly, it was delish!

9) Watched Imagine Me and You and made out furiously like we do 😛

Woke Up Something

Saturday 5-3
1) Wake up the Earth with B&C, B’s old-coworker K. Indian food yum and a walk arounds. Such a nice day, so many puppies, and so many babies. Dance performance was great with audience participation.

2) Made plans with K for a Tuesday date!!! Zomg I’m floating.

3) Wasp stung me on the hand and it swelled up all bad. I freaked out while trying to kill it. OMG. Ice and Benadryl, Dominoes spinach feta pizza yum. As my bro would say, “it got swoll.”