Link Dump – Still Behind

For Cutie:

Academic stuff:





Link Dump

I’m so behind and have all the feels for these articles, videos and links! Let’s get em outta my way so I can clear up all the clutter.

Beyonce megamix video is amazing! Dare I say better than Bey herself?

Tibetan girls’ soccer and Brazilian girls’ soccer future?

Kathryn DiMaria is an auto engineer at 14!

Dogs annoying cats with their friendship

Amazing approach to community engagement research

Awesome cookbook for financially struggling peoples (aka most everyone)

And a video for cutieface / these girls are amazing

“Stop apologizing” I keep telling her

Mindceptions a la Buzzfeed. I totally loved #9 and tried #11 to no avail

Learn all about dog breeding genetics, very interesting / amazingly cute

Loved this Bollywood coming out music video

Not quite accurate for the hedgie diagram, but that’s ok they other ones are pretty funny

Charlie Day is awesome

And sexy couples dancing/choreography

And an article on dating masculine women with some links out I wanted to read