“Lazy Sunday” Date Day

Sunday 8-17 BL
1) Babes got up so early so I kinda did too. We got up and went for Life Alive and talked about feminism, more specifically, how stupid dumb girls pose for pictures. We sat outside on City Hall Lawn again and talked about dirty nasty birds “hey we’re eating” and other things.

2) Food shoppins at the Co-op and got a few meals worth of food. Got home and realized we have all the food and leftovers that we really need to eat up. Gonna try and not buy any other food this week. We’ll see how that goes. We talked about life priorities and what needs are the most important to us. Things are gonna change schedule-wise so I’m trying my best to prepare for it. Sucks that I totally did read about this way back and I knew deep down that this was gonna be how it is, but I didn’t realize that it was gonna happen so soon.

3) Lunch #2 for cutie and then we took a glorious nap for a few hours.

4) Tattoo time! We played tattoo parlor and drew our tatt ideas on each other. K did a real cool rainbow line on my left forearm and then ‘let it go’ on my right. I really want it in her handwriting but it’s not a great idea to do that even though her handwriting is the best and it’s so pretty. Maybe someday…I drew some ugly ass flowers on her sleeve in smelly markers and actually liked the sunflower quite a bit, but the daisies were shit. My concept rose turned out ok and my lettering was pretty good too.

5) Cooked dinner. Quinoa, potatoes, kale, garlic, and onions. So yummy! Babycakes is the best at making healthy vegan foods and it’s a good thing for me!

6) We had spa day, cucumber clay face masks and giggled at each other before separate 😦 showers.

7) Trolling the cutie for her naked girls in her ’email’ and gotta remember to ask about her secret paper and research on tattooed sexy ladies. Def gonna remember that one. Trolling K is pretty easy, she just digs that hole deeper and deeper… Yummy sexytime and sleep. I had a rough sleep and crazy dreams tho.

Just Like An Episode, But Wayy Better

Monday 8-11 BL
1) Dropped K off early and went into prep before D came in for training week! She’s very nice and it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it could’ve been. Walking tour of the neighborhood and she ran into people she knew from church! My boss E def said some things that were out there, but other than that it went pretty well.

2) I even came out to her at lunch at the Middle East, which was so yummy, with cutie next to me and she didn’t seem fazed (to our faces) about it and asked us some questions too. Lots of talking at her but it was ok and I think she’s gonna be a good fit for us.

3) Went home and had leftover dinner with roomie B and her friend L. We watched some of The L Word while I complained about how horrible the show is.

Sure they’re attractive, but some of them can’t even act

4) So we snuck off and took a yummy shower before an epic sexytime. Babycakes wanted a piece of me and she definitely got what she wanted 😮

Ironic Dinner

Tuesday 8-5 BL
1) Productive time at work!! Set up interviews, talked to our custodian and chat him up about his fam, freaked out a little bit because a meeting got moved up two weeks to tomorrow afternoon and I gotta pull together an entire presentation and lots of data analysis. K calmed me down and I got a hug and a bit of a vent time.

2) Gayboy K hangout time wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be. Walkabouts to sushi, home for Princess Jellyfish and Peachie time while I had a…

What jellyfish sushi looks like…

3) Potential roomie interview and then yummy shower time with K teasing me because I wanted to cool things down a bit so we can be more meaningful with our sexytimes instead of having sex just because we see each other every day. She is sexy every day but that doesn’t mean we need to have sex every day to prove that we love each other. edit note: lol hindsight lol

Playing House Can Be Fun

Sunday 8-3 BL
1) Got some work done while K made me breakfast ❤ and we watched more It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which K really enjoys and I don’t understand why. They are such terrible people and she enjoys it. I fucking love the show, but didn’t think she’d be into it as much as she is.

2) Whole Foods shopping adventure and we got lots of food for the week. We planned out a week’s menu and gonna try and do it this week instead of eating out so much. We’ll see how we do, cuz we bought food there instead of making stuff for lunch.

3) Came home and ate foods and took a glorious nap! Pretty lazy Sunday, but it was nice to just take it a little easy. K feels antsy when she isn’t ridiculously busy, but I like taking my time on the weekend.

4) Hair dye adventure. Helped K dye her hairs and it was fun, she likes the dark look and it looks great on her. Sexy lady!

Looks so crazy nasty while you’re doing it O_O

5) Back home for Chipoodle, shower and some more sexytime 🙂


Saturday 8-2 BL
1) Woke up hella late! We didn’t get in til after 3 and so we didn’t get up til closer to 1. Lazy wake up and breakfast.

2) Sexytime for two hours! Yumm I took a naked power snooze that I shouldn’t have, cuz I woke up grouchy and K just laughed at me being grouchy. Which I hate, but it works and makes me a little more grouchy and simultaneously makes me feel better.

3) Target for a card and an air mattress and fruit snacks before we headed over to N’s bday party where we planned on telling her about us. Didn’t quite happen that way, her friends maybe told her, or so we’re hoping. Her family was so nice and very friendly! We left awkwardly before anyone else had even shown up, grabbing some hot dogs as we left because her mom made us.

4) Sharknado at GHQ! Makeup session with J and L, hilarious. Started Sharknado and everyone was so incredulous it was great. L had epic rants and stormed off before the Sharknados even appeared in the movie. K and J seemed to enjoy it though so that was a big win.

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

Wednesday 7-30

1) Birthday sex! Always a great thing 🙂

2) Work was very crazy hectic, with a twist! But K and I went for L’s end of the service year celebration and came back to the office for a cake beard and KPop dance videos.

3) Birthday dinner date in Allston with hot pot and then froyo – my ultimate (but not very original idea) date. We walked around her soon-to-be neighborhood for a quick break and we cuddled a little bit too. She was a smartypants with her teasing, but it’s a good thing she’s sexy and cute.

4) So much birthday love on FB and I also restarted my Instagram. Gonna try to do a photo a day, like my buddies have been doing. It’s a great way to get out there and taking pics again.

5) Roomie N made me a strawberry lemonade cake and it was so delish! She wasn’t very sneaky about it, but that was great. Got to bond with the roomies for a bit and that was nice. Giving D more of a chance, she’s nice, I just don’t know what to talk about with her. We have mostly stuck to food and yesterday we talked about Boehner suing Obama, and then the Ebola outbreak, so….

6) Family phone call was fun. They asked about my birthday and just general checking in. Mom always asks me about school, dad always about work and my aunt. He asked about dating/settling down and even asked if I had a gf!! Huge steps for him and I’m glad that he’s expanding his worldview. Kinda has to.

She’s The Man

Saturday 7-26 BL

1) Took the T in to Boston again for a vegan Thai lunch where we met a mutual friend, steamed about immigration and creepers, but thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. It was sooo tasty and we talked about awkward dates and figured it out why we are so awkward. It wasn’t an awkward date so that was nice 🙂

2) Shakespeare in the Common with M&S and also B&C. Lots of green snacks by the tree and under the shade. The show was quite good and I indoctrinated some of my friends to yeasty popcorns. Twelfth night is interesting and we talked about gender and sexuality in Shakespeare’s work. The production was super good though and I really enjoy it every year, even if I don’t quite understand Shakespeare all the time.

Suck it Shakespeare!

3) 313 adventure with a stop at GHQ. Weird tension in the air since our latest discussions, but the drag show at the club was fun. The commentary is interesting and problematic but the actual performances were great. Stripped the poor kid, K and I both got groped. But I got groped by the queen that’s going to RPDR in a few weeks!! Asian queen was amazing and so was Candy Couture. Dancing afterwards was fun with K but I get skeeved out by the straight men who come to watch queer ladies dancing. Ugh *eye roll*. It didn’t matter, cuz I super-grinded on K anyway and we went home and had a good private time session 😉

GPOY me before we started dating