It All Works Out In The End

Saturday 8-16 BL
1) Brunch at Red Lentil was yummy. I was stuck in a negative feedback loop til I started writing some in the car. Still don’t get how and why she’s so patient with me, I’m terrible in a bad mood.

2) Limited cuddle time was hot and then baby had one of her rare moments of conflicting needs. Emotional blanket time, stalling and such before she angrily went to her zine fest event.

3) Met up with her there just as a zine girl came and chatted K up. She still doesn’t get that all the cute girls want a piece. We finished up and went across the street for chill time on City Hall’s lawn. Cuddled and ran out of time. Again!

4) S and M’s for M’s going away ‘surprise’ party. Weird and awkward and I just wanted to chill with my buddy S. Hotdogs and soydogs and such. Asian slaw, candy sushi. Conversation went from Poptarts, to Bschool and back to candy. I wonder what everyone thinks of us – the weirdos who come and don’t talk or drink and then leave early. Whatevs, I had lots of fun and they are good people.

Ohhh, that’s what they’re supposed to look like!

5) Home for sexytime, musics and yummy, much deserved and anticipated time with cutieface.

Lazy Sunday Date Day

Sunday 8-10 BL
1) Grasshopper in Allston was pretty yummy but not as good as the My Thai place in Chinatown. Dumplings were fantastic and the sauce was almost as good as real nuoc mam.

2) Walkabout lap around the reservoir in Brighton. Hot sun and lots of teasing. Dunno why she likes weak complainy me. Pictures of my lumpy legs and I whined the rest of the way around. Nice to get out walking though!

edit note: I was gonna put in a pic of mosquito bites, but my Google search was a little crazy / don’t do it. So “this space left blank intentionally”

3) Groceries misadventure in Trader Joe’s and then Whole Foods. Car wash adventure and then we went home before a trip to Orange Leaf froyo yummies.

4) Home for 10 Things I Hate About You and leftovers dinner. I love the movie and Heath Ledger is a dreamboat it’s so sad he passed so young. Julia Stiles I love and she’s kinda dropped outta the scene. Baby JGL and Gabrielle Union.

5) Little bit of roomie and Peachie time tonight before yeasty popcorns and some sexytimes.

It’s My Lucky Day

Thursday 8-7 BL

1) Work wasn’t as intense, but coworker K and I hashed out finding a new fellow and what we were looking for. I also dabbled and edited my presentation a little more before K came in and finished up her project, which was a huge, huge help for me. I’m so lucky.

2) K made me dinner! Then she cleaned up after for both of us! Wtf how did I get so damn lucky? She’s the best and I love her so much it’s outta control.

3) Met up with V and B for Queeraoke. Haven’t been in a few months and it was a pretty good time. Lots of queer drama (when is there not queer drama really?) but dance break was fun.

Some great dance songs!

4) Mini after parties: after we decided to leave, V’s friend came by to chat with us and he was great to talk to! Hope to see him again sometime. Took V home and hung out with roomie B and chatted about her life a bit. Trying to help, but she’s down and out and I’ve never had experience with what she’s going through.

5) Best after party was K teasing me beyond belief before we agreed to end our sex ban. Best sex! We passed out very happy and sated. That also means we only held out for about two nights on my requested sexban 😛

Two And A Half Sexytimes

Sunday 7-27
1) Lazy Sunday and so rainy outside! We got up all lazy after some tech time for lunch.

2) K took a nap and I creeped on her, which was great!! Also got a little more tech time before she got up and we got a little frisky.

3) Dinner with S and B for “family” dinner. Discussions included: American Ninja Warrior, legalization, “guess who’s gay now,” and updates on life. The poor waitress who got so awkward about our friend group, she ran off. We’ll surprise her next time with even more multiculturalism in our family.

4) Got home and decided on Froyo treat as a break. We had to set a timer 😉 Froyo was sooo good and we came back home for the first half of DEBS and then K said she was ‘sleepy’ and we ended up everywhere instead. I pet a sleepy baby to sleep and passed out happy and satisfied.

Neverending Date #3 – Boston In A Day

Friday 7-25 BL
1) Graduation for K and M was so great! Speakers were amazing in very different ways, the impact and power we have as youth professionals. Refreshing and energizing. Saw so many of my friends and people who I served with years ago. K commented that I know everyone, but it just looks like it because this is the community and network I’ve been a part of for the last few years. It was so nice to spend time with M at lunch too.

2) We went on a Boston harbor walkabout. Weather was perfect and spending time with K was fantastic! We sat down and cuddled, got creeped on by plenty of dudes and talked about my foot in mouth disease aka me saying stupid shit without thinking and hurting others inadvertently. She’s so patient and unjudgemental it is craziness. We talked through a lots of things like jealousy, friendship, and boundaries. I hope I don’t end up in the doghouse again anytime soon!

3) Flour tea break with very hot jasmine teas and chatting about travels, houses, kids, etc.

4) Walked over to Chinatown for another snack with unfriendly bao lady. Then we walked over to the Commons for another nice sit and chat about our family histories, puppies, and white boys busking.

We took a pic under those weepy trees!

5) Starbucks potty break at 5ish and guilt juice before we tried taking selfie pics of ourselves. We settled again in the Gardens for a good two and a half hours and talked about all the things. Poked fun at rich people, uber religious people, talked about our power coupleness, made up stories about people on dates, saw all types of queer lady couples and puppies.

6) Walked along the Charles River as the sun set and it was so beautiful!! More chatting and lovely time. Our walk across Mass. Ave bridge was good and we started planning out dinner.

7) I introduced cutie to the Harvest Co-op in Central Square and she flipped out! She was so happy and giddy by the vegan ice cream and frozen vegan pizzas, I shoulda taken a pic..We got groceries and finally headed home.

8) Cooked dinner: veggie sausage, pasta, broccoli, and sauce. So yumm and I timed the broccoli perfectly, it was delish!

9) Watched Imagine Me and You and made out furiously like we do 😛

Big Picture Planning

Thursday 7-24 BL
1) Woke up hella early to get in a few last hours to prep my project. Pretty impressed with myself and it was a productive meeting with my boss to talk abt our org’s future. I really enjoy our discussions with her because it’s time for me to do higher level thinking, big picture type envisioning of our programs and my role in making things happen. It’s a big ol’ boost of confidence for sure!

2) Lunch at Life Alive with K was sweet. Back for a Dunkin favor, went home early, and gave the girls a ride to the library before stalking K/picking her up after her meeting at school.

Just kidding, stalking is not ok, we joke about it often, but I realize it’s not a joke for some people and I would not actually intentionally make someone feel uncomfortable by following them around and such. It happened to my sister and I know my limits when it comes to personal safety and security.

3) Home for a yummy bath and Spirited Away with a dinner #1 break, a sexytime break and quinoa/dinner #2 break.

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Wednesday 7-23 BL
1) Left work early and got lots of errands done. Got Life Alive and got to bb early in the afternoon. It was so nice to see her after a whole two days. We’re a little pathetic and silly but that’s ok because she’s amazing and I am so happy when I’m with her it’s ridiculous.

2) Got some more work done, unfortunately it was while everyone else was having a good time. I focused and got a big chunk done before and after hang out times though.

3) Hanging out at J and C’s again with the animals, her besties’ derpy pictures of K, and lots of messing around in general. K’s lost phone fiasco and headed home for surprise sexytime after I finished up some work. Hard work and lots of play time is good for everyone 🙂